Incertainty around Apple’s iPhone X production

Apple's flagship product, the iPhone X would not have kept all its commercial promises and Apple would have drawn the consequences. According to Ming-chi...


Should we be afraid of facial recognition, a fairly new technology that is being perfected and now works on a large scale? We think Yes.Facial recognition will facilitate many everyday operations according to the same principle.No more credit cards...
Today, we tested 3 of the market's top smartphones for a speed test. Two studies we performed were: loading of web pages and opening applications.When you buy a high-end smartphone, you naturally want it to be the best in all...
Cryptocurrencies are simply digital assets that are used as a mode of financial exchanges. In particular, it uses cryptographic protocols to secure transactions. Besides that, it also uses cryptography to produce additional units and to determine the legitimacy of...

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Top 5 UAVs to offer for Christmas

What are the best drones to purchase in 2017, and for what budget? Here is our guide for Christmas. The consumer and leisure drone market has...

Innovation in Your Business – Stay in Power

For many business owners, the importance of innovation can’t be understated.  Through the years, it has played a crucial role in withstanding competition. Unfortunately, developments...
Gian “GT” Torreli is a business consultant who specializes in improving business processes of manufacturing and services firms, among others.

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Facial recognition, a technology that must be better controlled

Should we be afraid of facial recognition, a fairly new technology that is being perfected and now works on a large scale? We think Yes.

Facial recognition will facilitate many everyday operations according to the same principle.
No more credit cards to withdraw money from ATMs. It will recognize your face. Farewell to the code for turning on the phone. You’ll recognize your teacher. Farewell to the badge to enter your company, which you lose regularly. And then, by recognizing it, we can instantly offer you personalized advertisements. In China, where we don’t worry too much about the protection of personal data, all these applications are already part of everyday life.

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes facial recognition

We’ve been familiar with facial recognition technologies for several years now. I remember having fun with Picasa’s photo software, which identified the main faces and made it easier to group photos according to the people present. Now it’s prehistoric and, also, Picasa has disappeared, becoming Google Photos.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies have arrived. They allow you to change the voices and faces of a video. So it won’t surprise you that they also allow for an unprecedented improvement in facial recognition technologies. So far, facial recognition has worked well with static faces. With artificial intelligence, cameras also recognize people on the move, walking or driving their vehicles, in videos and photos.

The Chinese are at the forefront in this field. Last April, the young Chinese company SenseTime announced a fundraising campaign of 600 million dollars, making it the most valuable artificial intelligence company in the world. It did so again this summer with the announcement of a billion dollar injection by Japan’s Softbank.

Citizen vigilance is spreading more and more all over the world

This massive surveillance system developed in China following the same model as the social classification systems through collaboration between the Chinese state and private companies. The alliance between the Chinese Communist Party and companies that resemble Silicon Valley start-ups.

So all this is no longer science fiction. But, you could say, China is not Europe and this will not happen here in the West. It’s not that simple. Video surveillance cameras already equip our streets, and the terrorist threat increases the demand for security.

Therefore, facial recognition technologies will quickly put us in front of society’s choice. We have already accepted without hesitation that our smartphones are following us. Will we abandon a whole new aspect of our freedom in exchange for more convenience in everyday life and more collective security? Europe seems doomed to suffer this choice so much it has lost technological control. It will continue. The debate has only just begun.

iPhone X, Galaxy S9, OnePlus 6… Which smartphone is faster?

Today, we tested 3 of the market’s top smartphones for a speed test. Two studies we performed were: loading of web pages and opening applications.

When you buy a high-end smartphone, you naturally want it to be the best in all categories. The most beautiful, the most enduring… However, also the fastest. 01net.com’s laboratory has developed two different tests to measure the capabilities of three flagship devices: the iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the OnePlus 6. The results are available in the video above.

Small precision: each test has been repeated three times for more precision, and the results presented are an average of the loading times of each exercise.

Which smartphone is the fastest for browsing?

The first exercise to compare the speed of these 3 smartphones: loading web pages.

To fairly compare iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6, 01net.com’s lab created a script capable of loading 30 pages successively, one after the other. These pages come from 5 different sites: Facebook, HuffPost, The Times, NBA.com and Download.com.

All three devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and load locally hosted pages on the same server. We made sure that no pages were cached, to prevent the smartphone from reloading the page from memory. Each page contains HTML code, javascript files, photos and CSS files. The detailed protocol is available below.

Which smartphone is the fastest to launch applications?

The second test for our iPhone X, Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6: the successive opening of 10 daily applications. This time, no script: each opening is done manually by a human. Once an application has finished loading, we move on to the next one, and so on.

Important note: no application is open in the background on any of our test smartphones. In addition to emptying the multitasking drawer, we turned off and on each device before starting the stopwatch. The detailed protocol is available below.

Conclusion: No real winner

With only two seconds delay on the Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6 (41 seconds), we can’t say that the iPhone X (43 seconds) is slower to open applications. If the devices recorded beautiful differences in speed a few generations ago, we could only note that the high-end devices have almost all the same level today. The Snapdragon 845 processor of the OnePlus 6, the Exynos 9810 of the Galaxy S9 and the A11 Bionic of the iPhone X are just as compelling.

On the web, the iPhone X (1 minute and 8 seconds) still enjoys a good lead over its competitors, even if this is to be put into perspective considering the speed of the OnePlus 6 (1min 14s) and Galaxy S9 (1min 36s). For the same exercise, Apple’s smartphone is doing better, but the two Android devices are far from behind. Apple has undoubtedly better optimized its device and its browser.

With such powerful smartphones, it is interesting to note that animations waste precious seconds on smartphones, whose execution speed is increasingly close to immediacy.

With iOS 12, Apple will automatically lighten some animations, and the accessibility settings already allow to delete some. Android users can use developer settings to speed up device transitions. Enough to make your smartphone much faster, at least to launch your applications. For example, our same routine applied to a OnePlus 6 without animations saved us no less than 8 seconds!

crypto currencies are hot

Cryptocurrencies as the new mode of financing

Cryptocurrencies are simply digital assets that are used as a mode of financial exchanges. In particular, it uses cryptographic protocols to secure transactions. Besides that, it also uses cryptography to produce additional units and to determine the legitimacy of asset transfer.

Digital currencies are becoming more popular since activities such as mining can be used to earn money. Various countries such as China and Korea are already implementing controls to regulate the use of the currencies. Also, many large companies all over the world are already embracing the benefits of using such a financial resource.
More so, these types of currencies are more convenient and straightforward to use. Some of the common types include:

main tokens on this financial market

Main types of Tokens available?

Bitcoin– this refers to a particular digital payment system that is used globally. It is one of the primary forms of decentralized digital currencies since the system does not require a central bank. More so, the Bitcoin network is also regulated through peer to peer resources and transactions occur directly. As a result, there is no need for an intermediary.

Stellar– this also refers to an open-source protocol that is used in the exchange of financial resources. In particular, the platform is operated by individual servers that manage financial programs. It provides a global value of exchange networks, and each server can store a specific record of accounts. These records are then stored in a unique database and servers can be used to complete transactions. The servers are used to come up with the most reasonable transactions.

Ripple– this is also another form of digital currency that is used on the ripple network. In particular, the system is based on a unique distributed open system and worldwide web protocol. Ripple provides instant and secure access to financial transactions, and they don’t have any chargebacks. More so, the system operates mainly through a shared database and ledger platform.

How to mine cryptocurrencies?

The process of mining digital currencies such as Ethereum requires various resources. It includes a high-performance digital computer and some computing skills. It also involves the use of the coin or token on a currency based network and about specific agreements. The miner has the role of providing resources to complete the complex mathematics that is associated with the mining process. This process can be achieved by using specialized hardware to complete the mining procedure.

More so, any cryptocurrency transaction is often stored in what is referred to as a data block. To be specific, each blog comes with various types of blocks, and these are commonly known as the blockchain. Additionally, the blockchain must be analyzed to provide hassle-free transactions and results. That said, the owner of the owners of the currency often don’t have the resources required to complete the transactions. As a result, the mining process is necessary to provide acceptable results and transactions.


Security is paramount online and even more important in the crypto industry. You do not want to waste your cash and lose your hard earned tokens! There are a couple of solutions available for you out there, but the best one is to look for cold store options such as a Nano Ledger S, which is the best hardware wallet currently on the market!

Mon test et mes conseils concernant le portefeuille #1 du marché, le Ledger Nano S !

Posted by Cryptos Monnaies FR on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

In conclusion

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies are most definitely one of the leading aspects of future financing. Special digital assets power the currencies, and they provide various benefits over conventional financing.

iphone x production stopped

Incertainty around Apple’s iPhone X production

new generation of iphonesApple’s flagship product, the iPhone X would not have kept all its commercial promises and Apple would have drawn the consequences. According to Ming-chi Kuo, analyst at KGI, the company would have decided to stop producing its latest flagship smartphone in the upcoming 2018 summer. This analyst is usually well informed and his predictions are taken seriously in the Tech community. Such a decision would also allow Apple to rethink its product range policy. By shutting down the iPhone X production lines in summer, the brand should make some room and this should allow them to focus on other products (maybe a new version of the iPhone X). This would be the second time Apple has stopped the production of a model, right after its launch. The first time this decision was applied to the 5C model in 2014.

The early abandonment of the X range would be linked to the dislike of Chinese consumers for this model. They seem to prefer the model 8, whose design is in line with that of previous generations of iPhone and which has a larger useful screen area. Overall, Apple would thus be able to maintain its market shares and sales volumes in China, or even increase them by 5% at the beginning of 2018 compared to 2017 figures.

Replacement of the high-end model

foxconn production linesAn early shutdown of model X production would also be a marketing first. Indeed, Apple has become accustomed to maintaining the sale of old models while marketing new ones. This time, there would be a real replacement of the top-of-the-range product, without hope of being able to obtain it at a lower price, after the first twelve months following launch. Apple currently sells iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the brand’s three models launched last fall. While maintaining the iPhone 7.7 Plus, 6, 6s Plus and SE.

Now, analysts are betting on a new generation of iPhones that would all have the same design as the iPhone X. Expected for stand-alone, they would be a declination of the X, with still improved performance, facial recognition included on all models and screen size, one of 5.8 inches and the other of 6.5, while entry level would be filled by an iPhone SE sold between 650 and 750 dollars.

Asked about a possible cheaper iPhone last week by ABC, Tim Cook Apple’s CEO, said he thought the prices are “in line with the value of the phones”. “We are incorporating a lot of innovations into these phones and we believe that their price is reasonable”. It also allows Apple to reap comfortable profits and anchor its unambiguous positioning in this competitive market. Tim Cook has succeeded in elevating the iPhone to the status of a fashion accessory, whose rate of renewal is linked to changes in the collection…


drones for christmas

Top 5 UAVs to offer for Christmas

What are the best drones to purchase in 2017, and for what budget?

Here is our guide for Christmas.

The consumer and leisure drone market has been growing very actively over the last few years, but we can already talk about a real explosion in the sector in 2017, which will no doubt translate into a good big tsunami of sales that is already whetting the appetites of manufacturers and distributors for this holiday season. There are a good amount of drones à offrir pour noël available this year.

As you probably know, at Grand Train we love these magical mini-drones that go where the human hand has never set foot before, and we regularly practice aerial photography and video with our drones.
A treat, mainly when you operate with FPV headsets, which let you see what the drone sees with a live video feed that puts you on board and in control. I am telling you, it’s magical and addictive!

As we don’t know much about the subject and we regularly test or take in hand the most varied drones that arrive on the market, we decided that it was necessary to let you benefit from our experience to help you in your choice of a drone as a Christmas present.

Here are our four favorites drones of the moment

DJI Mavic Pro

mavic pro djiEven if the budgets are no longer the same, it would be difficult to put out an article on the best drones without mentioning at least one product from DJI, the leading company in this market. And it’s safe to say that the DJI Mavic Pro is probably the best drone in the world today. The most advanced, with an automated obstacle avoidance function, if it arrives near an obstacle, it automatically avoids it or stops in front of it and hovers while waiting for the operator’s orders. Range 7 km (!), light and space-saving because foldable!

Parrot BeBop 2

bebop 2 parrotA super machine made in France, full HD film (no 4K) technology, reliable, robust and space-saving. Can be controlled by a smartphone but also with an optional remote control.
You can also fly it with FPV goggles. Vertical range 150 m, horizontal range 2 km, but I’ve never managed to exceed 1 km for the moment, which is already top.
Advantage: it can be easily found at our retailers or in the physical shop.
Just so you know, my latest version is the BeBop 2 FPV pack that includes the remote control and glasses and frankly, it’s a killing, I make fabulous flights with it.

Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec BreezeA superb drone, well finished, not cumbersome (it is sold in a small box very nice and practical). This mini-drone already has most of the intelligence functions of larger and more expensive UAVs: GPS, stabilization of the flight and the camera, filming in 4K or Full HD, automatic return, person tracking, programmable flight, orbital flight, etc….

Its limit is its range: max. 80m in height and distance. In height it’s okay, however in term of length and distance, it can be a bit short even if it’s enough most of the time.

It can be controlled using an iPhone application, which means that it does not need a remote control, and it has folding feet and folding propellers, which saves a lot of space.

Zerotech Dobby

zerotche dobbyIt’s the surprise guest of this fall, and it’s a pleasant surprise! I fell in love with this incredible drone, which is a crazy concentrate of technology in a foldable format that fits into a jeans pocket.

But beware, at a price of around 300 dollars according to the distributors, it is anything but a gadget and even less a toy.
The Zerotech Dobby, which weighs less than 20 grams, has no competitor because it combines the cutting-edge technologies of much more advanced machines like the DJI Phantom in a format that brings it closer to a smartphone. See for yourself: GPS, Glonass, HD photosensor and 4K video steerable, image stabilization software,”follow me” mode and face tracking, automated orbital flight, take-off, and landing.

This is our selection of the top quadcopters for 2017, inevitably subjective and restrictive because the choice in the drones is enormous and expands every day a little more.

Feel free to post your personal favorites and suggestions in the comments; we will complete the article.

iPhone X in hand

Apple: lessons learned from crazy prices of the new iPhone

On September 12th, Apple presented the iPhone X, a smartphone worth more than 1,000 euros. Premium devices push the technological limits… and tariffs.

Cupertino’s firm struck again. On September 12, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone X. On the design side, it has been stripped of the front button in favour of a on-board screen on which one swipes, it has gained a double photo sensor and an increasing autonomy. Thanks to the Face ID technology, which develops a 3D model of the face, the device can be unlocked without a password. Safer.

But what surprises especially, it is its sharply rising price: 1.159 euros for 64 GB and 1.329 for 256 GB. Samsung had already launched the trend in March, with the S8 + wide-screen S8, sold for 909 euros and above all with the Galaxy Note 8 this month, which starts at 1,009 euros. Fortunately, the consumer rarely pays this rate. In Europe, smartphones are heavily subsidized by operators and cost several hundred euros less.

iPhone X wirelesss charging


Over the years, electronic devices have become increasingly technologically advanced. The memory (storage) of the first iPhone, for example, was 4 GB for 64 GB or 256 GB today. TV sets have also made great strides in the last ten years, with the democratisation of the flat screen between 2007 and 2011.

Down trend

In ten years, the average price of television sets sold in Europe has fallen by half. This is exactly the opposite with each generation of iPhone, whose prices almost tripled over the period. No impact on volumes.” The iPhone 7 was the most popular product and its sales are up sharply from the 6S at the end of the same period last year,”said Tim Cook.


Apple has always positioned itself as a luxury brand that offers a jewel of technology: design, sobriety and identity. Above all, the iPhone visible in all hands, used for everything by the native mobile generation, is statutory, while the TV screen does not leave the confined atmosphere of the living room and is not even noticed anymore.

lg signature oled series

Innovative products that will change your everyday life in 2017!


This year 2017 is almost behind us, and it is time to make good resolutions for 2017. So we have decided to make you a small list of the most innovative products from last year that will be able to improve your everyday life in 2017!

Ween: The connected and intelligent thermostat

This invention comes from Aix en Provence and is aimed at people who find that their heating bill is far too expensive. Or even to people who are frightened or who find their thermostat too complicated to adjust!

Ween is a real-time thermostat connected to your phone that automatically adjusts the heating temperature according to the flow of people in the house. It means that you won’t have to worry about paying too much for your consumption. With the help of Ween, you will only consume what you need and nothing more.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

davinci iq vaporisateurThe DaVinci IQ Portable Spray is the long-awaited new Da Vinci 2017 vaporizer.

After the success and small disappointment of the Ascent vaporizer, the manufacturer had to pass a milestone to find the way to excellence finally!

It is clear that the IQ DaVinci portable vaporizer has more than met all our expectations with its dense, generous steam and ergonomic design.
It wasn’t a foregone conclusion because we had to be honest, we were rather disappointed by the previous versions like DaVinci V1, DaVinci V2 then Ascent despite the vast progress made with each new release.

This great vapor is, therefore, a real success! Read test du davinci iq!

LG Signature W

Until now the only TV OLED vendor, LG had little to prove on picture quality because the technology is so powerful. The engineers of the Korean brand had therefore set themselves the goal of scoring with something else.

For this 2017 edition, it was the record-breaking fineness of its new Signature W range, with a slab measuring only 2.57 mm thick at the thickest point. A technological feat made possible by a trick: if the screen reaches such a finesse (it can’t stand upright without a wall!) it is because it doesn’t have electronics! It needs to be connected to a base containing all the components – signal processing, input/output as a power supply. It’s a bit of cheating, but the performance is there.

Sesame: Smart, intelligent doors

Have you ever picked up your keys from your purse for hours in front of your door, or even worse, have you ever stuck your key in the lock? Say goodbye to all these problems with Sesame, a smart, low-cost, connected lock.

Sesame allows you to unlock your door in several ways. With the application connected to your laptop or by programming a knocking on your door that will open once you are close by and knocking in this way.

Miito: The kettle that saves you water

Miito kettle that saves you waterOne of the big problems, when you want to make yourself a cup of tea, is that most often you have to fill the kettle with at least 0.5 liters of water. That means you waste a few centiliters every time you fill it.

Miito offers you a solution to this problem by providing a revolutionary kettle that will allow you to heat your water directly in your cup. Just place your cup on the base, then plunge the metal rod into the cup and induction. Your water or milk will be quickly heated to the desired temperature in no time.

Practical, elegant, chic and easy to handle Miito will also allow you to set the desired temperature quickly and precisely to the degree you want.

Above all, Miito will allow you to considerably reduce your water consumption and save energy on a daily basis. Kickstarter page for Miito!

What Consumers Look For Product Innovations

Functionality and appeal

The guy who reinvented the ordinary stapler says that after re-engineering the basic office supply into a more powerful staple gun said two years after launching his innovation, the company was able to own one-fifth of the market share. This supports the fact that consumers place a premium on a product’s functionality and physical appearance.  Both features must come as a package.  A product that has all the appeal but doesn’t live up to its function will never get the attention and loyalty of consumers.

Modern design

Makers of a famous gadget believe that today’s millennials buy a product because they believe it is cool.  Those who belong to the X and Y generations are already entering their prime.  The spending habits of this group are influenced heavily by products modern design.


Parents looking for innovative products for kids require durability and safety.  The baby bottle, for instance, has seen numerous innovations through the years – from glass bottles, to plastics, and to PBA-free plastics that are both durable and safe for infants.

Innovation in Your Business – Stay in Power

For many business owners, the importance of innovation can’t be understated.  Through the years, it has played a crucial role in withstanding competition.

Unfortunately, developments in technology have somehow paved the way for deliberate copying of business models, product designs, or media content.

Coming up with your own original idea isn’t that easy but if you are able to create one the returns are tremendous.

Penetrating the market is a tough job so business owners will do almost anything just so to have a successful business or product launch.  Sadly, making money has been the only priority and so many business owners tend to look at what’s trending in the market, copy it and do the launch. Thinking out of the box (which does take more time and effort) is sidelined.

When you want to grow your business, you must go beyond the idea that it is solely a money-making venture.  Otherwise, you might end up staying where you are, not moving forward.  You won’t be able to conquer by just stealing your competitor’s ideas all the time.  You need to switch on your innovative light.

Here are some tips on how to approach innovation and use it to your advantage:

Leave your cubicle

Invite colleagues and go to places where your customers are.  If you must, spend quality time with them and find out what else do they need apart from your existing product or service.  Take notes of their ideas and sentiments and compare these with those gathered by your colleagues.

Value all customers

In a lot of instances, companies will want to please existing patrons and this is understandable for they are the income generators.  This is especially true if the cash flow generated from these loyal patrons comprise a big chunk of the total cash flow.  But the thing is, you also need to focus on those who haven’t stayed loyal to your product and service.  Look for clues why they aren’t coming back or why they have opted to purchase from your next door competitor. Your so called “”bashers” could give you their honest opinion on why they’re not buying from you.

Try new practical ways of doing things

Don’t get stuck with an old process just because it’s been tried and tested for decades.  Analyze if you need to re-engineer it to your advantage.  Innovating a business process isn’t just about improving the way you do things.  It is broader than that.  It is about re-doing the business process framework while forgetting about current procedures and constraints.  Innovating a business process requires the attention of high-level executives because their perspective of things are critical.

Many big businesses focus on innovation because they do make a substantial impact.  Innovation helps keep company expenses down.  Likewise, it is an effective tool amid growing competition.  Many companies who once thrived but failed to innovate have suffered losses.  They have stuck with the traditional and forgot about innovation for staying power.

Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Motivated To Innovate

Employees who have the gift of creating or re-engineering products and are immersed in company programs still believe that there isn’t sufficient motivation to get their creative juices flowing.  A considerable percentage of employees remark that their ideas haven’t been reviewed and evaluated properly.  Some firms admit that there are no real measures in place.

Due to issues on resources, innovation is relegated to the backseat.  Even if an employee presents a good idea on re-engineering a product or service, chances are, the idea would never reach its full potential because of lack of funds on the part of the organization.  As a consequence, companies pass up the opportunity to keep abreast of the times.  It won’t be able to compete head on with other players in the international scene.

What is alarming is that companies may be killing innovative ideas among its pool of talented workers.  Innovators feel they are not justly compensated for their ideas.  Apart from monetary rewards, there seems to be a lack of recognition for talents pushing the wheel of innovation.

4 Innovation Options Worth Visiting

Businesses will have to innovate when the need calls for it.  However, as there are many types of innovation, you as a business owner will have to analyze which one is the best fit for every business situation.  Below are 4 innovation tactics worth visiting:


This type of innovation doesn’t emanate from any single product or service that exists.  Because of its nature, radical innovations require years of research, testing, and development before it can be introduced to the market.  Usually, a team of experts will optimize modern technology to come up with a product or service that creates a breakthrough.  Radical innovation gives birth to products like semiconductor devices and the like.


Sometimes, it pays to create simple innovations rather than radical ones.  Take the case of the makers of a ceiling fan. Traditionally, ceiling fans do not come with other features but today there are various models that come with lighting fixtures.  A simple innovation changes an existing product rather than make something out of nothing.  This type of innovation simply adds another feature to an existing product or service to create more function.


The targets of inverse innovation usually consist of third-world countries and regions.  Products consist of solutions that seek to aid very poor nations or those whose economies are still emerging.  Eventually, these products successfully find their way into developed countries whose markets have higher purchasing power.  An established firm in the food manufacturing business developed instant noodles for underdeveloped nations.  Consequently, however, these products have landed in every corner of the world including the wealthier nations of Europe and North America.


A type of innovation that banks on ideas from within and beyond the organization.  Companies usually opt for it in order to improve existing operations.  Companies looking at change as an income generating tool would fare well applying this type because when appropriately implemented, it can substantially reduce expenses, speed up the process of marketing, and even create new sources of recurring income.


The aim of disruptive re-engineering is to penetrate a market where the product or service used is highly complicated and even pricey.  At first, the new product may appear irrelevant and doesn’t fit a particular niche.  In the end, however, consumers will come to accept it because of offers convenience, simplicity, and affordability, features that were lacking in the first place.

Usually, products created out of this type of innovation usually occupy the lowest rungs of the market place.  However, as the product is tested and appreciated by the market, they will eventually surface and make their mark.  It may even cause displacement of existing products previously preferred by consumers.

One typical example of a product under this category is the mobile phone.  For years, home phones were so popular you wouldn’t think that it can be replaced but here comes the maker of mobile phones.  Initially, these didn’t get the recognition it deserved.  Today, it’s a totally different story.


iPhone X in hand

Apple: lessons learned from crazy prices of the new iPhone

On September 12th, Apple presented the iPhone X, a smartphone worth more than 1,000 euros. Premium devices push the technological limits... and tariffs. Cupertino's firm...
drones for christmas

Top 5 UAVs to offer for Christmas

What are the best drones to purchase in 2017, and for what budget? Here is our guide for Christmas. The consumer and leisure drone market has...
iphone x production stopped

Incertainty around Apple’s iPhone X production

Apple's flagship product, the iPhone X would not have kept all its commercial promises and Apple would have drawn the consequences. According to Ming-chi...