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Incertainty around Apple’s iPhone X production

iphone x production stopped

new generation of iphonesApple’s flagship product, the iPhone X would not have kept all its commercial promises and Apple would have drawn the consequences. According to Ming-chi Kuo, analyst at KGI, the company would have decided to stop producing its latest flagship smartphone in the upcoming 2018 summer. This analyst is usually well informed and his predictions are taken seriously in the Tech community. Such a decision would also allow Apple to rethink its product range policy. By shutting down the iPhone X production lines in summer, the brand should make some room and this should allow them to focus on other products (maybe a new version of the iPhone X). This would be the second time Apple has stopped the production of a model, right after its launch. The first time this decision was applied to the 5C model in 2014.

The early abandonment of the X range would be linked to the dislike of Chinese consumers for this model. They seem to prefer the model 8, whose design is in line with that of previous generations of iPhone and which has a larger useful screen area. Overall, Apple would thus be able to maintain its market shares and sales volumes in China, or even increase them by 5% at the beginning of 2018 compared to 2017 figures.

Replacement of the high-end model

foxconn production linesAn early shutdown of model X production would also be a marketing first. Indeed, Apple has become accustomed to maintaining the sale of old models while marketing new ones. This time, there would be a real replacement of the top-of-the-range product, without hope of being able to obtain it at a lower price, after the first twelve months following launch. Apple currently sells iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the brand’s three models launched last fall. While maintaining the iPhone 7.7 Plus, 6, 6s Plus and SE.

Now, analysts are betting on a new generation of iPhones that would all have the same design as the iPhone X. Expected for stand-alone, they would be a declination of the X, with still improved performance, facial recognition included on all models and screen size, one of 5.8 inches and the other of 6.5, while entry level would be filled by an iPhone SE sold between 650 and 750 dollars.

Asked about a possible cheaper iPhone last week by ABC, Tim Cook Apple’s CEO, said he thought the prices are “in line with the value of the phones”. “We are incorporating a lot of innovations into these phones and we believe that their price is reasonable”. It also allows Apple to reap comfortable profits and anchor its unambiguous positioning in this competitive market. Tim Cook has succeeded in elevating the iPhone to the status of a fashion accessory, whose rate of renewal is linked to changes in the collection…