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Innovative products that will change your everyday life in 2017!

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This year 2017 is almost behind us, and it is time to make good resolutions for 2017. So we have decided to make you a small list of the most innovative products from last year that will be able to improve your everyday life in 2017!

Ween: The connected and intelligent thermostat

This invention comes from Aix en Provence and is aimed at people who find that their heating bill is far too expensive. Or even to people who are frightened or who find their thermostat too complicated to adjust!

Ween is a real-time thermostat connected to your phone that automatically adjusts the heating temperature according to the flow of people in the house. It means that you won’t have to worry about paying too much for your consumption. With the help of Ween, you will only consume what you need and nothing more.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

davinci iq vaporisateurThe DaVinci IQ Portable Spray is the long-awaited new Da Vinci 2017 vaporizer.

After the success and small disappointment of the Ascent vaporizer, the manufacturer had to pass a milestone to find the way to excellence finally!

It is clear that the IQ DaVinci portable vaporizer has more than met all our expectations with its dense, generous steam and ergonomic design.
It wasn’t a foregone conclusion because we had to be honest, we were rather disappointed by the previous versions like DaVinci V1, DaVinci V2 then Ascent despite the vast progress made with each new release.

This great vapor is, therefore, a real success! Read test du davinci iq!

LG Signature W

Until now the only TV OLED vendor, LG had little to prove on picture quality because the technology is so powerful. The engineers of the Korean brand had therefore set themselves the goal of scoring with something else.

For this 2017 edition, it was the record-breaking fineness of its new Signature W range, with a slab measuring only 2.57 mm thick at the thickest point. A technological feat made possible by a trick: if the screen reaches such a finesse (it can’t stand upright without a wall!) it is because it doesn’t have electronics! It needs to be connected to a base containing all the components – signal processing, input/output as a power supply. It’s a bit of cheating, but the performance is there.

Sesame: Smart, intelligent doors

Have you ever picked up your keys from your purse for hours in front of your door, or even worse, have you ever stuck your key in the lock? Say goodbye to all these problems with Sesame, a smart, low-cost, connected lock.

Sesame allows you to unlock your door in several ways. With the application connected to your laptop or by programming a knocking on your door that will open once you are close by and knocking in this way.

Miito: The kettle that saves you water

Miito kettle that saves you waterOne of the big problems, when you want to make yourself a cup of tea, is that most often you have to fill the kettle with at least 0.5 liters of water. That means you waste a few centiliters every time you fill it.

Miito offers you a solution to this problem by providing a revolutionary kettle that will allow you to heat your water directly in your cup. Just place your cup on the base, then plunge the metal rod into the cup and induction. Your water or milk will be quickly heated to the desired temperature in no time.

Practical, elegant, chic and easy to handle Miito will also allow you to set the desired temperature quickly and precisely to the degree you want.

Above all, Miito will allow you to considerably reduce your water consumption and save energy on a daily basis. Kickstarter page for Miito!