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Reasons Why Your Employees Aren’t Motivated To Innovate


Employees who have the gift of creating or re-engineering products and are immersed in company programs still believe that there isn’t sufficient motivation to get their creative juices flowing.  A considerable percentage of employees remark that their ideas haven’t been reviewed and evaluated properly.  Some firms admit that there are no real measures in place.

Due to issues on resources, innovation is relegated to the backseat.  Even if an employee presents a good idea on re-engineering a product or service, chances are, the idea would never reach its full potential because of lack of funds on the part of the organization.  As a consequence, companies pass up the opportunity to keep abreast of the times.  It won’t be able to compete head on with other players in the international scene.

What is alarming is that companies may be killing innovative ideas among its pool of talented workers.  Innovators feel they are not justly compensated for their ideas.  Apart from monetary rewards, there seems to be a lack of recognition for talents pushing the wheel of innovation.