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Top 5 UAVs to offer for Christmas

drones for christmas

What are the best drones to purchase in 2017, and for what budget?

Here is our guide for Christmas.

The consumer and leisure drone market has been growing very actively over the last few years, but we can already talk about a real explosion in the sector in 2017, which will no doubt translate into a good big tsunami of sales that is already whetting the appetites of manufacturers and distributors for this holiday season. There are a good amount of drones à offrir pour noël available this year.

As you probably know, at Grand Train we love these magical mini-drones that go where the human hand has never set foot before, and we regularly practice aerial photography and video with our drones.
A treat, mainly when you operate with FPV headsets, which let you see what the drone sees with a live video feed that puts you on board and in control. I am telling you, it’s magical and addictive!

As we don’t know much about the subject and we regularly test or take in hand the most varied drones that arrive on the market, we decided that it was necessary to let you benefit from our experience to help you in your choice of a drone as a Christmas present.

Here are our four favorites drones of the moment

DJI Mavic Pro

mavic pro djiEven if the budgets are no longer the same, it would be difficult to put out an article on the best drones without mentioning at least one product from DJI, the leading company in this market. And it’s safe to say that the DJI Mavic Pro is probably the best drone in the world today. The most advanced, with an automated obstacle avoidance function, if it arrives near an obstacle, it automatically avoids it or stops in front of it and hovers while waiting for the operator’s orders. Range 7 km (!), light and space-saving because foldable!

Parrot BeBop 2

bebop 2 parrotA super machine made in France, full HD film (no 4K) technology, reliable, robust and space-saving. Can be controlled by a smartphone but also with an optional remote control.
You can also fly it with FPV goggles. Vertical range 150 m, horizontal range 2 km, but I’ve never managed to exceed 1 km for the moment, which is already top.
Advantage: it can be easily found at our retailers or in the physical shop.
Just so you know, my latest version is the BeBop 2 FPV pack that includes the remote control and glasses and frankly, it’s a killing, I make fabulous flights with it.

Yuneec Breeze

Yuneec BreezeA superb drone, well finished, not cumbersome (it is sold in a small box very nice and practical). This mini-drone already has most of the intelligence functions of larger and more expensive UAVs: GPS, stabilization of the flight and the camera, filming in 4K or Full HD, automatic return, person tracking, programmable flight, orbital flight, etc….

Its limit is its range: max. 80m in height and distance. In height it’s okay, however in term of length and distance, it can be a bit short even if it’s enough most of the time.

It can be controlled using an iPhone application, which means that it does not need a remote control, and it has folding feet and folding propellers, which saves a lot of space.

Zerotech Dobby

zerotche dobbyIt’s the surprise guest of this fall, and it’s a pleasant surprise! I fell in love with this incredible drone, which is a crazy concentrate of technology in a foldable format that fits into a jeans pocket.

But beware, at a price of around 300 dollars according to the distributors, it is anything but a gadget and even less a toy.
The Zerotech Dobby, which weighs less than 20 grams, has no competitor because it combines the cutting-edge technologies of much more advanced machines like the DJI Phantom in a format that brings it closer to a smartphone. See for yourself: GPS, Glonass, HD photosensor and 4K video steerable, image stabilization software,”follow me” mode and face tracking, automated orbital flight, take-off, and landing.

This is our selection of the top quadcopters for 2017, inevitably subjective and restrictive because the choice in the drones is enormous and expands every day a little more.

Feel free to post your personal favorites and suggestions in the comments; we will complete the article.