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What Consumers Look For Product Innovations


Functionality and appeal

The guy who reinvented the ordinary stapler says that after re-engineering the basic office supply into a more powerful staple gun said two years after launching his innovation, the company was able to own one-fifth of the market share. This supports the fact that consumers place a premium on a product’s functionality and physical appearance.  Both features must come as a package.  A product that has all the appeal but doesn’t live up to its function will never get the attention and loyalty of consumers.

Modern design

Makers of a famous gadget believe that today’s millennials buy a product because they believe it is cool.  Those who belong to the X and Y generations are already entering their prime.  The spending habits of this group are influenced heavily by products modern design.


Parents looking for innovative products for kids require durability and safety.  The baby bottle, for instance, has seen numerous innovations through the years – from glass bottles, to plastics, and to PBA-free plastics that are both durable and safe for infants.